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Bitumen Thick Coatings

Bitumen Thick Coatings
    1. Two component coating
    2. One component coating


It is thick coat cover, the ground contact in the build insulation with unicomponent, modified bitumen emulsion. It is competible to standard of DIN 18195 and TS EN 15814.

It saves the floors from moisture/Non-cumulative leaking water (DIN 18195-4), Wet floors and on the roof non-cumulative water and capillary and leaking water, non-pressure water.


It can apply with brush and repulse

It has a strong adhesion on the substrate.

It is seamless.

It has crack bridging ability.

It does not contain solvent. It is environmently friendly.

Application fields

Floors, basement, balconies, terraces, retaining walls.