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Marine Adhesive

Marine adhesive is one component (K) polyurethane adhesive that cures with moisture of air. It is used mostly in marine, textile and furniture industries. Cestel is one of the biggest tailor-made marine adhesive producer in Turkey. We can pack in…



 Ürün  Sertlik Vizkosite Part A (m.Pas) Vizkosite Part B (m.Pas) TDS  MSDS cestel sprey 55 55D 1000 @ 25oC 1500 @ 25oC   Iso:  Poly:


Polyurethane Casting Plastic

Rigid (Medium-Hard) Cast Resin RigidWater Clear Product   Density (kg/m3) Gel Time (seconds) TDS  MSDS CES Deko 95 CES Deko 96 Ces Clear 95   950 950 960 150 180 240   Iso:  Poly:  Iso:  Poly:   Iso:  Poly:  …