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Marine Adhesive

Marine adhesive is one component (K) polyurethane adhesive that cures with moisture of air. It is used mostly in marine, textile and furniture industries. Cestel is one of the biggest tailor-made marine adhesive producer in Turkey. We can pack in 500 ml, 1lt, 200 lt and 1m3 IBC.

Cestel Marine Adhesive

It is one component, solvent free, moisture cured strong polyurethane adhesive. Cestel Adhesive CESBIND 1000 is resistant to water. Its cured time is nearly 24 hours at room temperature.

Technical Data

Viscosity (Brookfield @20 Celcius): 5000-7000 mPas

Pot life: 20 minute

Tack free time: around 30 minutes

Heat resistance: -25->125 Celcius

Marine Adhesive Production

Our production is done by fully automated system that removes human error. The indicated formula are done in constant conditions. According to our customer demand, we can make tailor made productions.