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Bitumen Polyurethane Cestel EKO2000

Bitumen Polyurethane Cestel EKO2000


It is based two components bİtumen polyurethane liquid membrane that are used in retaining walls for waterproof. It cures fast with forming flexible coating.


  • Applied easily.
  • Seamless and no leakage in applied fields.
  • High Flexible
  • Cured fast
  • Resistance to freeze
  • Resistance to slack water
  • Its low modulus gives it excellent substrate crack-bridging properties.
  • Stick very well on substrate with or without primer
  • Heat resistance performance is between -40 oC and 90 oC.
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Can also be used as a joint sealant

Application Fields

  • Non-ptoable water tanks
  • Floors,
  • Basement,
  • Bridge platforms,
  • Tunnels ,
  • Bathroom, roofs
  • Concrete strucrures,
  • Retaining walls.

Surface preparation

All surfaces must be free of oil, grease and moisture before the application. Clean the surface with a high pressure washer and remove oil, grease and wax contaminants, cement laitance, loose particles and mould release agents must be removed.


Prime very absorbent and brittle concrete or brittle cement screed durfaces with Cestel Primer.


It is supplied in two parts in two different containers with their proper mixing ratio and two portion are mixed. Apply the mixture with a brush, a spatula or a roller in at least two layers on primed surface.


Each layer : 0.75-1.00lt/m2

Total min. Consumption: 1.0-1.5 lt/m2.