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GPR 100, one component hot moulds polyurethane binder

GPR 100, One Component Hot Moulds Polyurethane Binder


GPR 100 Polyurethane Binder is one component, moistured cured in hot  moulds. It exhibits excellent adhesion to all rubber granules and gives a strong performance both in terms of tensile strength and durability.

            Application Fields

It is mixed with RECYCLED RUBBER or EPDM granules for the creation of the elastic safety floorings or other flexible rubber floorings, ideal for playgrounds, athletic tracks, schools etc.

Technical Data




NCO content



ASTM D 5155-96

Viscosity, 25 ºC



ASTM 4889

Density, 25 ºC

g / cm³


DIN 51 757

Transport Conditions

The ideal temperatures should be between 10 oC and 35 oC during the transportation. Direct sun light and cold temperatures should be avoided.


Moisture must  be kept  away from GD100 Binder. It should be stored byween 15 oC and 25 oC. In this conditions it should be stored at least 6 months in original sealed drums. It can be crystalised in air.


The application must take place in well-aired places using protective gloves. For more information consult the material safety data sheet.