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Polyurethane Casting Plastic

Polyurethane Casting Plastic

Rigid (Medium-Hard) Cast Resin

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Cestel polyurethane casting is a mixture which contains polyols, special catalysts, stabilizers and other additives. B part is made of diphenylmethane diisocyanate and dark in color. When these two components mixed in their correct proportions 1:1, they produce high free rise density, approximately 950 kg/m3. This system is used for casting furniture, small to medium size scupltures, making prototype models, decorative jewelry and wood imitation materials.

Casting resin components have ultra-low viscosities that leads to very smooth surfaces. It has fast curing times and low odour. Vacuum degassing is not necessary. Cestel liquid polyurethane plastics accept fillers and can be colored with Cestel color paste. The cured castings are strong, durable, machinable and paintable.

These products have a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Liquid casting resins should be stored and used in room temperature (23°C). Polyurethane resins react with moisture in the air that creates bubbles on the surfaces.Therefore low humidty is important during mixing. Release agent can make easier to demold the cured plastic.

Some important notes in liquid casting

  • Some silicone types can inhibit the reaction of polyurethane. Therefore it is important to check the silicone mold before casting.
  • Double mixing is suggested for clear casting product. Double mixing is done by mixing A&B components in a pot, then transferred this mixture into the second clean pot. Therefore the unmixed spot will be removed or minimized in the mixture.
  • Keep the material in the mold until finishing demold time at indicated temperature. Early demold can affect the physical properties of the material. Heating can decrease the demold time. However, in aliphatic resin too much heating temperature can have negative affect.
  • Our cast resin product does not contain mercury.

Important Parameters for Liquid Plastics

Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. Water and motor oil viscosity can be given as an example 0 cps and 2500 cps, respectively. Unfilled resin (70 cps) have less viscosity than filled one (3500 cps). Due to the less viscosity these resins do not trap the air.

The durometer is a tool for measuring the hardness of a material.Shore A and Shore D are used to measure the hardness of softer (rubber) and harder (plastic) material, respectively. Cestel casting plastic hardness is aroun 75 D. Cestel mold rubber hardness is between 25 and 90 shore A. Harder than 90 D is measured on Rockwell scale.

Pot life is the length of the time that mixed reactants viscosity increases doubles or triples. Pot life is also known as gel time and working life. When the mixture approach to pot life, it will thicken and may not poured on any surface. Cestel liquid plastic pot life is around 200 seconds at room temperature. Beyond 200 seconds, liquid resin may set up in mixture container.